Shedding new light on medical devices.

Today’s medical device data is far more likely to be inaccurate, unclear, and unreliable. And that’s entirely unacceptable when you consider the vast range of users who rely on this knowledge to identify, source, manage, document, track, and bill for millions of device options. Especially with accountable care and value-based payment models. The good news: Prizm provides answers that shine at every level.

See how Prizm solves these common medical device data problems:

Supply Chain Device Management

Watch how Prizm can help manage and maintain your item master list or device library.

Identifying and Documenting Patient Implants

Learn how Prizm enables EHRs to have easy access and accurate medical device information at the point of use for inventory management or OR with the UDI and additional clinical, operational, and financial attributes.

Mapping Between Medical Devices and Billing Systems

Find out how Prizm improves charge capture by providing HCPCS codes and additional attributes for improved financial performance.

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