Turning today’s medical device confusion into clarity.

FDB Prizm is a breakthrough knowledge platform designed to transform how healthcare identifies, utilizes, tracks, and analyzes everything from stents and catheters to medical supplies based on a comprehensive, up-to-date medical device database. Much like its refractive namesake, Prizm turns unstructured and undifferentiated device data into actionable knowledge where the options, and your ability to make better decisions, become vibrantly clear.

This medical device knowledge comes from a variety of sources including the FDA, medical device manufacturers, and industry data pools. Also, it encompasses additional information from clinical, operational, and financial attributes and codes. Taking this vast amount of disparate data, FDB’s knowledge engineers apply standardization and validation processes that have been proven for decades to help ensure the highest quality.
FDB Prizm medical device content is delivered through a web service APIs to enable fast and up-to-date information. This reduces the continual maintenance of the content as well as assures that your users have the latest information without disruption of their workflow.

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